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Top 10 Colours for Summer Weddings

Top 10 Colours for Summer Weddings Posted on March 19, 2018Leave a comment


Wedding season always give women a chance to flaunt their latest designer collection to everyone, and why not? After all, who doesn’t loves to get appreciated for her great taste and fashion sense? Well ladies, if you too are looking for some inspiration then here we have brought some colours you should try for wedding in this summer season.

Lucite Green


This is the fresher shade of Green. It would give you a light as well as refresh look in the wedding. This soothing colour is a perfect shade to don in this hot weather. You can club it with scuba blue if you are a contrast lover.

Strawberry Ice


Pink is the colour which defines girls. Women of all the ages love pink. But if you have got bored carrying the same shades of pink then this unusual pink could be a treat to you. Any usual dress with a fresh tint of pink could make the heads turn.



This colour could be a delight to wear on a sunny day. Just put on some light embellishments and you are done. A perfect fabric with this rich colour could make you outshine among the rest.



This playful colour is especially for all those bubbly girls who are the butterflies of the wedding. This energetic colour could be paired up with other bright colours to give you a vivacious look.



If you are going for a daytime function then aquamarine could be the colour of your choice. This peaceful colour is a variation of cyan. You could pair it up with monochrome or glacier grey.

Pink Lavender


This colour is a pleasure of all those for whom pink comes out to be too girly and violet too dark. This is a lovely colour is definitely make you fall in love with its subtle sophistication. This is a perfect choice for most of the girls for their wedding dresses.



Originated from a bird named meadowlark, this is a picture-perfect colour in this hot and sunny season. This bright shade of yellow can never fail to bring a smile on anyone’s face. If you found it too bright for your skin tone then just pair it up with neutrals and you are done.



This is a bold colour specially made to wear at the evening parties. If you want to clean bold every one with your fearless killer looks then increase the temperature of the party with this hot colour in this hot weather.

Blooming Dahlia


This subtle colour could be carried out elegantly on any occasion. It lies somewhere between ashen and baby pink. So, if you are not an attention grabber, and love to flaunt gracefully , then opt for this colour.

 Cherry Tomato


It is a colour somewhere in between tomato red and cherry pink. It never goes unnoticed. It is vibrant festive colour you could wear at different functions in the wedding. The best thing of this colour is that it goes with each type of dress material.



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