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Jewellery- Cheap Versus Rich Look

Jewellery- Cheap Versus Rich Look Posted on March 16, 2018Leave a comment


We all the girls out there love jewellery. We purchase them frequently and try to walk hand in hand with the trends. But, still sometimes we fail to recognise which jewellery would look richer and which one will give us a cheaper look. With rich, I’m really not talking about the expensive items but, the one which are reasonable and look expensive.

Here are some usually carried jewellery which you can chose for a better one.

Opt for some mature ones



Fascinating bracelets and animal pendants are something which looks really cheap. It doesn’t matter if they cost Rs.100 or Rs.10000- they’re childish. Avoid buying those cutesy shapes, all those heart shape pendants, rings and all.

The gems are fake


Colorful gems are really fake. A red plastic stone will not become a ruby. It would remain a red plastic and will look like the same. If you don’t want to spend higher, just opt for clear crystals. They look far better than those multicolour ornaments.

Beaded Necklaces


Beads looks good but not when it feels like you have prepared the necklace at home with a pair of string and beads. If you are a real bead lover then go for the necklaces which have beads at certain parts.

Cranky Danglers


Stay away from those so common danglers which you can find at any craft fairs and mall kiosks. If you are fond of danglers then go for some classy ones.

Too shiny metal


Ornaments with too bright metal look inexpensive. Choose for the ones with a darker metal. A slightly darker metal adds weight to a piece making its appearance expensive.

Here the statement necklace goes wrong


If you think putting a big statement necklace on casuals makes you look cool and trendy then you are wrong. Those giant beaded necklaces might be popular but they are just too kinky. In fact you can opt for some really nice pendant sets or layered ones.


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