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How to Shop Clothes Online

How to Shop Clothes Online Posted on March 16, 2018Leave a comment


E-commerce has given us the flexibility to shop from our couches. There are n numbers of online clothing stores.  You too might have purchased something or the other online. Some of you might have very good experiences and others might have not.  If you fell under the latter case, then today we will give you some tips to shop clothes online like a pro.

Know what you exactly want

When we go for shopping in a store, we have few options to choose from. But in case of online shopping, there are thousands of products to choose from. It would consume a lot of time if you don’t have a checklist before you start shopping. Whenever I opt to shop online, I have a checklist prepared. Viz.


What product I want- Top/Jeans/T-shirt/ Suit/ Kurta/ Saree etc

What Brand I will go for- Levis, Pepe Jeans, Wrangler, Forever 21, etc.

If I have color preferences- Red, Blue Green etc

Size- S, M, L, Xl…

These filters eliminate a lot of products and give me a crisp product list. Thus, it helps me from scrolling a lot of unwanted products.

Consider the Reviews

Reviews give us the clear glimpse of the original product received by other customers. You should always consider the reviews before you click the buy now button. Previous customers will provide you with the more realistic detail about the color, quality and size of the product. These are a great source which helps making a better decision.


Go for reading at least 5-10 reviews. Since everyone has a different perspective on styling, you may find the mixed opinions for a particular product. Just opt for the one which has more positive reviews on size, color and material.

Have your Size Known

You must have an exact measurement of yours prior you sit to shop. Now, different brands have different size carts. You should always check for the size chart before adding an item in your cart. An ‘M’ size for Levis may not necessarily be the same ‘M’ for Wrangler. Each brand has its own size chart and you must go for it.


Also, some of the websites gives suggestion to purchase a size larger or smaller than your actual size for a perfect fit. Just follow that suggestion for not to regret after delivery. Even more, some sites offer the dimensions of the model wearing the item of a particular size. This would clearly give us a glimpse of how the product of that size will look on us.

Read the Descriptions

Descriptions are not just meant to optimize the site for traffic. But they have almost all the information about the product. From material to size and quality, description holds everything. You must read it very carefully before you make the purchase.


These descriptions also hold the products usability like if they require special handling. For example if it’s dry clean wash or hand wash only. These small- small things if taken into consideration could help us make better decisions and make our online shopping experience great.

Delivery and Return

There are different sites which have different policies for delivery and return. Some sites offer faster delivery, some have free deliveries and the other have charges. If you like a product which comes with a delivery charge, think for it twice.


Also, it is not necessary that every website will accept a return. Also, it may happen that a particular site accepts returns for some products and not for others. So, read carefully the return policy for individual product.

If you follow these tips, I’m sure you would end with a product you’ll love.


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