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How to know if you are paying for the originals?

How to know if you are paying for the originals? Posted on March 19, 2018Leave a comment


Original products of big brands come with high costs. They are expensive and rich. Not everyone can afford luxury it requires hard work to earn it. If you are purchasing the one while spending the money earned from your hard work, you must check if you are getting an original product.

Today, almost every item has got its first copy. And if we are purchasing online we have to be very sure if we get the one we have ordered- the genuine one. Here are some points which would let you identify the genuine products against the fake ones.



An original casual will have a uniform stitching all over. If the stitching frays or the threads are not consistent then you are probably having a fake cloth in your hand.



The zips of original product will be smooth and of good quality. Also, it would have the brand name inscribed on it. Whereas the fake one will have a low quality zip without any name inscribed.



Buttons on the real apparel would have the brand name on it whereas the fake ones will have regular buttons without any inscriptions.

Tags, labels and Guarantee cards


Just check for the tags, labels or guarantee cards. The original ones will have nicely done fonts and correct spellings unlike the fake ones which usually have wrong spellings.



Barcode is the best way to identity the genuine products. You just need to scan the bar code imprinted on the product. The bar code will surely let you know if the item is original or not.


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