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How to add Volume to your Flat Lehnga

How to add Volume to your Flat Lehnga Posted on March 16, 2018Leave a comment


Flared lehngas are in trend these days. They give volume to your lehnga and make you look like a fairy tale princess. You must have seen such lehngas on designer outlets. But, not all people can afford a 80-kalis lehnga from a designer outlet. If you fall under the ones, go for a flat lehnga and make it royal by fluffing it up. You can make your flat lehnga go flared with the use of Can- Can.

can-can skirt

image Courtesy- Wed Me Good

Can-Can can add volume to your lehnga. It makes it look rich and royal. It is basically a frill of net which is added to the inner side of the lehnga. It comes in two types-


  1. Hard net-It is used when you need to give a huge volume to the lehnga.  It is used when you don’t have longer sitting hours.
  2. Soft net- Usually used in bridal lehngas to give a specific volume. It is comfortable while you sit. SO if you have a long sitting period while wearing the lehnga, go for it.

You can add can-can to your lehnga in two ways-

  1. Detachable Can-Can: You stich the can-can directly onto the lehnga in a detachable manner. By doing this, you can remove the can-can whenever you want.
  2. Separate Can-Can: Here, you wear a separate can-can skirt inside your lehnga.

can-can skirt

You can add the can-can as much you want to give volume to your lehnga. Till the point you are comfortable, you can add volume. Just make sure not to be in an embarrassing situation while you sit. To calculate this, just do a sitting test.

Just try it once and see how pretty you would look without breaking the banks.




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