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An Unusual Way to Convert your Saree into Lehenga

An Unusual Way to Convert your Saree into Lehenga Posted on June 28, 2018Leave a comment


Sarees are loved by all and worn by the ladies of the maximum part of India. It is a one which could be a time saver at any occasion. You could wear it and carry it with ease. But sometimes, we feel like wearing a lehenga at several special occasions.But, these are a very few in a year and you just can’t wear a same lehenga time and again. One more thing that comes into consideration is the price of the lehenga. For sure reasons, the prices of the lehenga are always higher than that of a saree. So, one always thinks twice before purchasing a lehenga. These few reasons stop us to wear a lehenga even if we die trying to wear it.

But what if you can get to wear a lehenga without worrying about all these issues? Without worrying about the high prices? Without worrying about to repeat it in the next occasion? Sounds interesting? Well it is. Here, is a video specially by Flipkart Fashions private label ‘Divastri’ which has brought an all new way to transform your saree into a lehenga and rock the floor.

The video shows how you can drape two matching/contrasted sarees in form of a beautiful lehenga. Must watch the complete video.

Video Courtesy- Glamrs

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