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All about Indian Ethnic Trends

All about Indian Ethnic Trends Posted on June 22, 2018Leave a comment


India is a country with boundless ethnicity. We love to celebrate each festival and every occasion brightly with all our ethnic values and culture. And if there is a celebration in our family, friend or office then what to wear is the favorite question of our ladies. If its a normal usual day then you can wear anything you want to whether casual or formal; but when there is a happening then you have to be particular.

Here we will give you options to flaunt yourselves with our Indian ethnic trends.



There is a saying that a girl looks much beautiful in a saree than anything else. And indeed, a saree enhances your body language making you much poised and elegant. Our country follows ‘unity in diversity’ which is also shown in the clothes we wear. Each state of India has its own unique type of saree for example- Madhya Pradesh is famous for Maheshwari Sarees, Banaras for Banarasi, Assam for Assamese Silk, Kolkata’s Jamdani, Lucknow’s Chikan work, Orissa’s Sambalpuri, South Indian Kanjivaram Sarees and many more.



For all those who love flares and volume in their dresses, lehenga is an ultimate option to wear in the next wedding. Previously, lehenga used to be restricted to be worn by the family members only, but now, due to its availability in lighter fabrics and its diverse variety, it has became the first choice of everyone else.



If you are a fusion lover and loves to play with mix and matches then kurti is just made for you. Its 2018 and the market is filled with various types of kurtis which you can pair with Jeans, leggings, plazzos, skirts, dhotis and what not. It will give a trendy touch in your ethnic dress. Some of the very voguish type of kurtis include A-line kurti, Trail-cut, Straight, Pathani, Anarkali, Flared and many more.

Salwar Suit

Salwar Suit

Salwar suit is a complete dress which enhances the feminism. An out-and-out set of top wear, bottom and dupatta giving you an outstanding look. There are many forms of this unique Indian wear. Patiala suit, Salwar suit, Plazzo dresses, Chudidar kurti sets are some of the very common salwar suits which can be seen wearing by girls in regular as well as in festivals.

Traditional Gowns


If you find lehenga a bit annoying and want to be free hand without worrying to manage the dupatta, Traditional Gowns could be the right choice for you. These gowns are easy to carry and have the same instinct of a lehenga, same flares, similar work but in a single piece. They come in different fabrics and work which makes them suitable to wear at any occasion.

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