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8 Casual ways to drape a Saree

8 Casual ways to drape a Saree Posted on February 27, 2018Leave a comment


Saree is put on by women at several occasions. In fact, girls too love to wear a saree at a wedding function or a cocktail party. Women in India generally prefer saree over any other outfit for many occasions. But, if we drape the same saree in an unusual trendy way then the same classic saree could be the best number for any other hot party. Here, I have presented some of the ways to carry a saree in a different manner. This could give an old boring saree a glamorous look.

Nothern Style


It is the most casual and common style to drape a saree. It is very simple and quickest way to get ready with a perfectly draped saree. Here you just have to make the common pleats in front and keep the pallu falling.

Short Floating Style


This is same as the Northern Style with a slight modification where you keep the pallu pleated a little over your hand to make them free. It is best suited when you want to engage both your hands.

Nivi Style


This is the most traditional style of draping a saree. In this style the pallu is beautifully pleated and tucked on to the shoulder with a safety pin. You can even use a broche to give it a better look.

Saree with a Pant


This is the most stylish way of draping a saree. The outfit gives you an Indo-Western look. Here there is no need to wear the petticoat; instead you can choose a legging or a pair of Jeans.

Mermaid Style


To give your saree a mermaid gown look, you can drape it in this unique way. This style is worn to emphasise the hip curves and give flares at the bottom. This style makes the movements very easy and is an ideal style for evening parties especially for girls.

Skirt Style


This is the most girlish way to drape a saree. You can drape in the form of skirt and attach the pallu thereafter. Team up this saree with a sleek designed kamarbandh.

Dhoti Style


Originated from the Marathi saree, this is an Indo-Western style of wearing a saree. Here you just need to drape a saree over a dhoti. It is one of the most trending forms of drape these days.

Short Patli


This is one of the most popular ways to keep your saree casual. You just need to make short pleats and tuck them to your shoulder. Pair it up with an extremely beautiful blouse.

These are some stylish ways to give your simple looking saree a designer front. If Bollywood divas have carried them so gracefully, why can’t you? So, don’t just go for a single style but rock each and every occasion with a different look.

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