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4 Quick and Easy Tips to keep your Jewellery Shiny

4 Quick and Easy Tips to keep your Jewellery Shiny Posted on February 28, 2018Leave a comment

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Every girl loves jewellery and so do I. We all have different types of jewellery for different occasions. Some may be huge, some might be delicate, some would have cost a little less the other would have been very precious; anyways we love them all. We don’t want to get these jewelleries damaged or corroded. But despite of taking proper care we get them damaged. So here are some quick and easy tips following which could let your jewellery shine as the new one.

Wear it in the right order

The first and foremost thing is the order in which we wear the jewellery. We should always wear the jewellery at last and remove it at first. By doing this we keep it away from the chemicals like perfumes, makeup, deodorants, lotions etc. and also from getting it entangled in our dresses while wearing or removing them.

Store them in airtight containers

Metals like silver, bronze, iron and steel easily gets rusted on exposure to air. If your jewellery has any element of these metals then it may get corroded if not stored in airtight containers. You must have a habit to wrap each piece of jewellery in tissue and pack them in zip lock bag or airtight containers. Also never use rubber bands to tight the jewellery as rubber has the tendency to release sulphur as they begin to age. This could damage your jewellery.

Polish them regularly with lint-free cloth

You must clean your jewellery regularly to keep them in their original state. But remember to use lint-free cloth for doing that. Cleaning with harsh material or cloth could make the scratches on your delicate pieces. So, avoid such material and always use a soft cloth to remove tarnish from your jewellery.

Consult a professional for fragile pieces

Delicate jewelleries are the most expensive ones and have to be properly taken cared. You just can’t polish them on your own. These are very subtle and might get damaged by doing it on your own. A professional person has proper tools and has experience handling such delicacies. So, it would be better to handover your delicate piece to them for polishing.

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